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Mr Ghanim Saeed S. Al - Kubaisi

CEO / founder

Mr Ghanim Saeed S. Al - Kubaisi, the Chairman, is the visionary leader who steers the organization. A man of great integrity and clarity, his experienced hand has guided the organization unerringly at every turn. Mr Saeed's proficiency in gold trading and his knowledge of the market is key to his success at the helm of GSK Gold Trading. An entrepreneur who started out at a young age, Mr Saeed's career has been defined by his determination, and his benevolence. His critical perception and his friendly optimism has won him many friends, and moulded him into a successful businessman. Mr Saeed's is a work ethic that is insistent on perfection and quality. Mr Saeed knows exactly what he wants, and how to get it. With his grasp of the gold trading industry and his knowledge of market dynamics, the Chairman is a veteran leader with the skill and the resolve to take this enterprise to greater heights

Iqbal Bin Hassan

Managing Partner

Mohammed Jabir

Managing Partner

Ashique Bin Abdul Nazer

General Manager

Noorish Ahamed AP

Business Development Manager